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Innovative Research

Strategic Theme No. 4 – Promotion of a research culture that sharpens research performance

  • Intended outcome(s)

  • Enhancement of academic productivity of staff

  • Improvement in infrastructure for research

  • Increase in impact of the scholarship of academic staff

  • Key performance indicator(s)

  • Competitive research grant results – high enough to achieve breakeven position financially when half of the “Research” portion of the block grant from the University Grants Committee (UGC) is taken out

    Results of Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)

    Number of refereed (or similar) publications

  • Number and sustainability of new research facilities and number of improvement projects on existing research facilities in Hong Kong and Mainland China

    Policies for encouragement of research to be conducted

    International research collaborations

  • Citations per capita per year of academic staff

    Impact of non-traditional research areas

    Creative outputs per capita per year of academic staff

Strategic Theme No. 5 – Establishment of a critical mass of research talents and promotion of interdisciplinary research

  • Intended outcome(s)

  • Enhancement of networking with world renowned researchers

  • Increase in research postgraduate students

  • Enhancement of global impact of research through the coordination of Institute of Creativity (IoC)

  • Increase in number of projects of excellence, high-level collaborative research and major research initiatives in the research themes that HKBU has identified as niche areas which include:-

    • Health
    • Environment
    • Chinese and China Studies
    • Cross-cultural studies

  • Key performance indicator(s)

  • Number of visits by world renowned researchers to HKBU, scope of activities and extent of collaboration with them

  • Number and sustainability of research postgraduate programmes implemented in Mainland China

    Number of UGC-funded research postgraduate places including those in Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

  • Quality and quantity of interdisciplinary research initiatives

    Scope of activities of IoC

    Outcome of the review of IoC

  • Number of Areas of Excellence projects or high-level collaborative research projects

    Number of major research initiatives launched and sustainability of existing ones