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Quality Teaching and Learning

Strategic Theme No. 1 – Enhancement of teaching and learning

  • Intended outcome(s)

  • Improvement in curriculum quality and alignment with the HKBU Vision and Graduate Attributes (GAs)1

  • Improvement of teaching and learning quality

  • Continuous improvement in Whole Person Education (WPE) to unleash the potentials of students and to ensure they will attain the GAs

  • Increase of research elements in undergraduate curriculum

  • Key performance indicator(s)

  • Results of internal and external reviews and benchmarks

  • Results of at least two methods of teaching evaluation (one by students and one other)

  • Results of assessment of students in Whole Person Development Inventory – Tertiary Version (WPDI-T) and other assessment exercises

    Benchmarks with other institutions on WPE

    Results of the benchmarking with other institutions

  • Number of courses, seminars and projects for enhancing research skills of undergraduate students

Strategic Theme No. 2 – Provision of best value-addedness to HKBU students through excellent teaching and learning environment

  • Intended outcome(s)

  • Improvement in English proficiency of students

  • Improved employability of students in terms of percentages of employment after graduation and career progression of graduates thereafter

  • Increase in student satisfaction of the programmes

  • Enhancement of the campus environment for student learning

  • Key performance indicator(s)

  • Test scores on English proficiency tests

    Number of additional programmes involving students with different cultural background

  • Results in graduate employment surveys and subsequent tracking exercises

    Employers’ satisfaction with HKBU graduates

  • Survey results on student satisfaction in learning experience

  • Student survey results on satisfaction with hall life

    Student survey results on satisfaction with amenities and space for learning

Strategic Theme No. 3 – Improvement in attractiveness and agility of HKBU programmes for recruitment of high quality students

  • Intended outcome(s)

  • Increased intake of high quality students

  • Improved publicity and image of HKBU for attracting quality students

  • Increase in internationalisation

  • Increase in opportunities for students in internships and programmes for community service and/or service learning

  • Increase in new programmes and innovation in existing programmes

  • Key performance indicator(s)

  • Overall average admission scores in the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS)

    Admission scores of individual programmes in JUPAS

    Admission of students with exceptional talents in selected fields

  • University’s reputation among employers and academics, students and the general public

    Publicity and image of the University

  • Number of inbound and outbound exchange students and programmes

    Number of international exchange programmes during summer and holiday periods

    Preparedness of HKBU students for further studies, internships and career development overseas

  • Number of student participants in internships, community service and service learning courses

    Number of internships, community service and service learning courses

  • Number of new programmes introduced to meet the need of the society

    Extent of innovation in existing programmes

Note 1:-
Graduate Attributes (GAs)

The University’s whole person education will deliver graduates who:-

• are responsible citizens with an international outlook and a sense of ethics and civility;
• have up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of an academic specialty, as well as a broad range of cultural and general knowledge;
• are independent, lifelong learners with an open mind and an inquiring spirit;
• have the necessary information literacy and IT skills, as well as numerical and problem-solving skills, to function effectively in work and everyday life;
• are able to think critically and creatively;
• have trilingual and biliterate competence in English and Chinese, and the ability to articulate ideas clearly and coherently; and
• are ready to serve, lead and work in a team, and to pursue a healthy lifestyle.